Collaboration Drives Innovation

Our structured approach to innovation - both technological and editorial - is unique.

  • Together, we solve everyday problems in real-life situations, using ideas and solutions generated by the collaborators.
  • We work inside newsrooms, with the people who need the skills and tools the most.
  • Our approach is design-led, user-centred and collaboration-driven. We tailor everything to journalistic workflows.

We believe in practical solutions and processes which can be redeployed.

Pop-Up Newsroom is an innovation framework for newsrooms that are changing the way they collaborate, communicate and engage audiences through new tools and training.

Collaborate to Innovate

Product Design

Create new tools and develop existing products to facilitate cross-network collaboration in discovery, curation, verification, publishing and advertising.

Editorial Innovation

Multi-platform editorial products designed and refined through cross-border, digital first collaboration between publishers and broadcasters in Europe.

New Business Models

Prototype and test new revenue and content monetisation strategies in a low-risk, experimental environment.

Our projects


¡El futuro del periodismo es colaborativo!


How might we… design a collaborative “disaster” newsroom in an hour?

Documenting Hate

How might we… build a social newsgathering initiative to cover hate crimes and bias incidents in the US?

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Getting Involved

We can bring together journalists, designers and developers to work side-by-side to:

  • Design and model a modern, ethical and collaborative digital newsgathering process
  • Develop opportunities for deeper audience engagement and smarter publishing
  • Prototype and deploy new revenue-generating ideas and products
  • Address issues of trust, fake news and misinformation
  • Build skills in everything from verification to data journalism
  • Experiment with VR + 360, AI and algorithms

Our role is to connect news organisations through our extensive network, secure funding opportunities, manage the projects and partners and create shareable resources at all stages.

To get involved in Pop-Up Newsroom or to find out more, email us at