¡El futuro del periodismo es colaborativo!

Today, Pop-Up Newsroom along with Animal Politico, AJ+ Español and 60 media partners announce the launch of #Verificado2018 — a collaborative reporting effort that sees journalists from across Mexico working together to fact-check, verify, and debunk claims and content for historic elections on July 1, 2018.

Over the past four days we’ve run the first Pop-Up Newsroom in Latin America, gathering 100 journalists in Mexico City to build and prototype a collaborative reporting workflow, and to learn new digital newsgathering and verification skills.

With support from Google News Lab and Facebook, #Verificado2018 builds on previous collaborative reporting initiatives such as Electionland (USA) and CrossCheck (France). #Verificado2018 combines the two approaches — with journalists fact checking and debunking content and claims in the run up to the elections, and a large scale election day effort to cover the electoral process in real-time.

Pictures: https://medium.com/popupnews/verificado2018-mexican-media-unites-to-fight-mis-and-disinformation-ahead-of-historic-elections-6ff34c72cbb7


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